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Attach the Plaque icon

The Plaque Buster is a one-piece, oral-care tool ergonomic designed with safe material to bring the right feel and function to having healthy teeth and gums.

It is FDA compliant and made from 100% Grade A material that is latex and BPA (Bisphenol A).

Its innovative design has no metal to scratch teeth and is designed for a comfortable overall feel while removing plaque and stimulating gums.

No more metal or disposable tips! And made in the USA.

Plaque Buster yellow and blue
3.875 X .375 inches per unit


Sold in Packs of 2 and 4


$3.49 per 2-pack
(yellow/blue, yellow/green, and yellow/orange)

Now Available in Cinnamon flavor - limited time only


$5.99 per 4-pack
yellow / green / blue / orange


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2 - Pack


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4 - Pack

Preserving great oral health is important.  Plaque Buster™ makes it easy for everyone of all ages to maintain healthy gums and a healthy mouth.

Plaque Buster™ helps eliminate bad breath and bacteria-filled plaque that cause gingivitis, periodontal disease and inflammation that can effect the health of your body.


Plaque buster Benefits
Plaque Buster BPR Free



Plaque Buster yellow and blueplaque buster back side

Sold in Packs of 2 and 4

Plaque Buster 4 pack


$3.49 per 2-Pack

Now Available in Cinnamon flavor - limited time only

Buy now


$5.99 per 4-Pack





Penelope resides in Florida and came up with the idea because her kids had braces and the metal products were bending the wires in their braces causing more trips back to the dentist.




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