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The Logbook That Gets (Your) Invention Developed and To Market!


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Inventors' Place is dedicated to the creativity, development and marketing of new product inventions and ideas and to the inspiration of creativity. We have assisted in hundreds of products in various development stages, especially the most important stage "the beginning".

The Idea Logbook is a workbook to walk you through the many inventing steps so you can get your invention developed and to market. It will save you time by providing guidance on where to go and what to do. It will save you money by keeping you from spending it on unnecessary things that are not needed.

Do you have a new product idea that needs development assistance?

Do you have a product developed that need a sales and marketing?

The beginning of taking an idea and getting it developed is when you decide to do something and take action about bringing your invention to life. It is also be the stage where you scratch your head wondering where do I go? What do I do? How do I protect myself?

Developing an invention is exciting because it takes a thought that generated from within based on your experiences, circumstances and the ability to deduct a need, and turn it into a tangible product for the world to enjoy.

One of the greatest inventing thrills is seeing and having your idea being purchased by others. Let's get started making that happen.

Protecting Your Rights

One of the most important aspects of starting off developing an idea is to first position the idea to protect you and its rights.

Did you know the United States Patent ad Trademark Office states that it is the first to invent that receives credit.

The Idea Logbook will provide a very unglue way to protect your idea's date of invent without having to file for a patent with the US government. And it will be solid proof protecting your invention.


Developing an invention is a process because as you go through its many development stages, the idea will evolve. By the time your idea hits the market it will have gone through many changes.

By conducting most of the work yourself, with the right tools and guidelines, you will enjoy the many changes your product shall go through. The Idea Logbook properly guides you through the invention process, saving you thousands of dollars from unnecessary mistakes.

Taking an invention idea and developing it and then bringing it to market takes time and effort. There are many questions and answers that need to be asked and made, especially initially, to get started correctly on the right path. The Idea Logbook asks these questions and guides and encourages you through the development stages providing you information, on knowing where to go and what to do to.

The Idea Logbook assists you in organizing your thoughts, including defining realistic expectations of your invention.

Click here to see the "Table Of Process", the outline and direction you will take to get your idea to the market.

As you can see The Idea Logbook is the ultimate tool and guideline for any inventor from the beginner to the most experienced.

Give your invention idea the best chance for success by purchasing The Idea Logbook. It is a down-to-earth guideline of taking an idea of invention and getting it developed and to the market.




Marketing Your Product?

If you have a consumer product developed and need additioanl marketing, contact us. We would be glad to take a look at marketing your product.







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