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Inventors' Place is dedicated to developing, marketing and manufacturing new products and invention ideas - and to inspiring creativity.

We are a one-stop shop to take your new product idea, and or invention, and develop and manufcture it into a finished good and then market and sell it. Let our team of engineers, lawyers and marketers give your idea the best chance for success.

Contact Us now for a FREE, no obligation, confidential introduction consultation.


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Replace your chemical detergents and fabric softener with environmental friendly minerals.

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Product Marketing / Sales

Do you already have an existing product? Are you looking to create sales? Do you need a strong sales and marketing team?

Inventors' Place, with its partnerships, have developed and marketed consumer products since 1999.

Let us build a successful marketing program for your product idea. Contact Us for your FREE confidential product evaluation.

Product Test Marketing

Do you have a product that needs to be test marketed?

Before spending millions on a product's final development and manufacturing, why not let us test it to determine:

1. Strength of Features and Benefits
2. Market Validity

Investing a little now, could provide the feedback your idea needs to be a financial success. Contact us for a FREE confidential consultation.


Are you looking to be more creative? Do you need to come up with more ideas?

Creativity is the most powerful skill you could learn or improve upon. It allows you to excel socially, at work or in business. Being creative improves your feeling of self-worth and confidence.

I guarantee you already possess the ingredients to be creative. Now unlock the door to your imagination and set your creativity FREE!

The new book titled "All The World Is A Product: Be Creative and Come Up with Ideas" is just what you need to get your creative juices flowing.

Click here to ORDER or for more Creativity details.

Inventing - Got an Idea?®

Do you have an idea for an invention? Do you want to get it developed and marketed?

Have you done what is necessary to protect it?

Do you know the difference between the types of patents and which one is best for you?

Are you aware of the myth that mailing yourself a package will guarantee the protection of your new idea?

Do you want to know tips and suggestions that will give your invention the best chance to succeed?

No matter what phase you are in, by following the directions in the book titled " The Idea Logbook" your idea will be protected and you will be guided through the total invention process. Click here to ORDER or for further details.


Are you ready for manufacturing?

Is manufacturing in the US the best for your product?

Do you know when to consider foreign manufacturing?

Inventors' Place has domestic and foreign manufacturing options. Contact us for a FREE confidential consultation and let us evaluate what is best for you and your product.


Do you need financing for your new product?

Raising funds can be the most challenging aspect of product development. Financing determines ones dedication and devotion to a product.

So whether you need to raise funds for development, manufacturing or sales and marketing, Inventors' Place may have a financial program that meets your needs.

We have investors standing by ready to evaluate your idea. If its potential is liked, the manufacturing and marketing could be funded.

Contact us for a FREE confidential consultation to inquire about more details.

Corporate Creativity

Do you have a business in which you need/want to generate ideas for saving money, being more efficient or coming up with new product ideas?

How about ideas to, improve productivity, increase sales, reduce cost or increase the value of your company with additional patents and trademarks?

Ideas are the lifeblood of a business and they are essential to meet, or more importantly, beat the competition. Successful businesses must continually find ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase revenue. 

Why not use your greatest assets and investment - "your employees" to generate ideas to benefit your company?

Inventors' Place has the tools and programs to create a wealth of ideas for your company.

One of the strongest tools a business can implement to accomplish growth is with an "Employee Creativity & Suggestion Program". Click here for more details.


Corporate Inventing

Are you a corporation in need of an experienced professional to oversee the development of your new product invention idea(s)?

Why not let a confidential consultant bring your products to fruition, while you focus your attention on the overall business. Contact us for a FREE consultation.


Inventors' Place is dedicated to developing and marketing of products and new invention ideas - and to inspiring creativity.

A confidential, one-stop shop to take your new product idea, and or invention, and develop it into a finished good and then market and sell it. Give your idea the best chance for success, with Inventors' Place development and marketing team.

Contact Us, we are here to assist.

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