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Green Drain
The Simplest, Safest & Healthiest Way To Keep Drains Flowing


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brass or chrome

$11.95 ea.
4 FOR $39.95 (pack)

Green Drain Options

Have a slow drain? Tired of the snake drain products? Buy the drain stopper with the drain hair remover tool and never hassle about a clogged drain again.


The Green Drain Stopper is the ultimate solution for keeping your BATHROON SINK drain clean and free from clogging. Easy to install and easy to use ‘drop-in’ replacement for your sink drain. The Green Drain Stopper eliminates the need for hazardous, toxic chemicals by trapping hair and debris with the Stopper itself!

The Green Drain fits standard bathroom sinks that are 1 1/4 inches in diameter.

Green Drain provides an easy way to trap hair and debris.  Green Drain offers a very easy method to remove and clean your Sink Drain Stopper, without having to take the drain pipe apart to remove impeding hair and debris. Green Drain eliminates the need for a costly plumber to un-clog your sink drain!

A Drain Stopper and Filter with A Free Drain Hair Remover Tool

The Green Drain stopper is a drain filter with a drain hair remover tool that eliminates drain clogs and provides your house with a clean drain forever. The Green Drain hair filter catches hair before it passes through your drain into your pipes. It prevents a clogged or slow drain and always gives you a clean drain.

Green Drain eliminates the need for a snake drain or harmful chemicals. It is the newest home remedy clogged drain solution as it works hard to always prevent the annoying clogged drain and slow drain issues. The Green Drain stopper is a replacement for your bathroom sink pop-up drain stopper. The Green Drain stopper traps hair and debris in the drain filter before it gets a chance to clog or slow your drain.

GreenDrain's patented hair catching prongs and stability magnet is easy to install, easy to clean and best of all reusable.  It eliminates the need for toxic chemicals and expensive plumbers.

How It Works

Green Drain’s Patented Technology prevents hair and debris from entering your plumbing. The Green Drain stopper provides a simple and intuitive method of avoiding costly toxic, extremely hazardous chemicals and costly and time-consuming plumbing issues. Green Drains patented Hair Collectors are small protrusions that extend from the main body of the drain filter. These Hair Collectors collect over 95% of the hair that attempts to pass down your drain.

Green Drain how it works icon

Green Drain allows you to very quickly and easily remove the hair from the drain filter, eliminating the need for a costly plumber or snake drain to unclog your drain. Green Drain saves you time and money! The Green Drain filter system also reduces odor by catching the hair and debris at the source and providing a quick and easy way to remove it without home remedy clogged drain ingredients or mixtures.

GreenDrain is constructed of a durable recycled nylon resin which has an extremely low water absorption rate.

The magnet is patented technology and is made of Alnico. The aesthetic cover is constructed of stainless steel (chrome) or naval brass (brass). Other finishes are available as well.

The Green Drain stopper is specifically designed for all Standard 1-1/4″ Sink Drains: Residential, Home & Office, Colleges & Universities, Camps Conference Centers, Cruise Ships, Hotels & Motels, Apartments, Multi-housing units, Property Management Companies, Custodial Distributors, New Home Builds, and more.

Chrome or Brass options.

There is a one-time installtion required to remove the old sink drain and adjust the pivot arm so it functions properly with the magnet on the Green Drain. See picture below.

Green Drain Adjustment



About The Inventor

GreenDrain is the creation of Ryan Sims, mechanical design engineer and Tony VanZeeland, a MS physicist, both of Arizona.

There thought was that there must be a better way to keep bathroom drains from clogging with hair and other debris but knew liquid drain cleaners were toxic to the environment, expensive and  ineffective.

They decided a device was needed to keep them from the dreaded task of climbing in to the bathroom cabinet to complete the awkward task of clearing a clogged drain

Green Drain
$11.95 ea.
4 for $39.95

Green Drain Options




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