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   Creativity Products

The Creativity Products listed below are designed to assist in developing, improving or triggering creativity. They are powerful tools that can re-juvinate a stale suggestion program.




Remember Everything!

Inventors Place Pocket Journal for Creative ideas, thoughts notes drawings and inspirations

Creative thoughts can come to everyone at any given time about anything they are (or were) involved in.  By establishing a simple and consistent system for writing and then tracking creative thoughts, these ideas will be yours forever.

The Pocket Journal is a powerful tool that provides the ability of capturing those inspirations any where and at any time.

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(regular price $4.95 ea.)

Pocket journal Options


Be Creative and Come Up with Ideas

Inspire Your Creativity,

Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!

Inventors Place All The World Is A Product Be Creative and Come Up with Ideas

Creativity is the highest and greatest form of mental activity. Whether your goal is to be a writer, artist, inventor, someone just looking for a creative journey or a person who wants to enhance your self-worth. 

Perhaps your desire to develop creativity is for the sheer pleasure of exhilarating your life. 

Get All The World Is A Product: Be Creative and Come Up with Ideas and Get Creative in your own way.

This book can be used to extrapolate lessons that will get employees into a creative action. Contact us for more information.

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Only $11.95




The items below will trigger you into being more creative. They are a great way to instill creativity and will refresh any stale suggestion program. Hundreds of thousands of products are available. Contact us for more information.


Magnets: 3 1/2" X 2"

Great for placing on metal desks, refrigerators or anywhere (there is metal)!

Magnets are a powerful tool to instill creativity. Companies should consider providing two for each employee. 1 for the their workplace and a second for their home. And watch ideas soar.

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$1.99 per 3 - pack

lightbuilb magnet


Posters: 18" X 24"

Hang near your desk, in the hallways of your office and even at home.

There is no question or doubt that posters (or signs) are extremely essential and mandatory for Employee Creativity Suggestions Program to have any success!

There value, when properly displayed, are vital to conscious and subconsciously instilling inspiration and the backbone for keeping a program fresh. The cost for these is nothing compared to the potential return they provide.

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$14.99 ea.

Let Your Creativity Blossom

let your creativity blossom poster


All The World Is A Product

Inventors Place All The World Poster


More posters and signs are forthcoming.

Available now is the ability to lease the rights to the phrase "Got An Idea?®" and have it imprinted on your posters and signs.

"Got An Idea?®" is a powerful phrase that places "action" into being creative to come up with ideas. When imprinting this phrase on (your) posters, signs or anything, it makes a definitive statement to inspire and create.

Contact us for more information.


More Posters and Signs are forthcoming.

inventors place limitations poster inventors place forest poster inventors place soar poster

inventors place box poster inventors place why restrict poster




Do you need promotional product (s)?   How about Promotional Products to inspire your Employee Creativity Suggestion Program with the words "Got An Idea?®"?

Contact us for more information.


Got an Idea?® is a registered trademark of Inventors' Place and can only be used with written consent and permission.

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The Idea Logbook

The Pocket Journal For Creative Ideas, Thoughts, Notes, Drawings & Inspirations

All The World Is A Product: Be Creative and Come Up with Ideas




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