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Corporate Creativity / Suggestion Program
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Would You Like
An Idea That Generates Millions In Revenue?

How About An Idea
To Save Thousands In Costs?

Do you have an Employee Creativity Program established in your company? If not, your missing out on the ability to:

1. Save money.
2. Increase sales.
3. Improve customer service.
4. Generate new product ideas.
5. Improve existing products.
6. Better understanding of customer needs.
7. Reduce costs.
8. Increase productivity.
9. Improve employee morale.

And there is more!

Learn To Use Creativity

Ideas are the lifeblood of` a business and they are essential to meet, or more importantly, beat the competition. Successful businesses must continually find ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase revenue.  Steve Jobs of Apple was well aware of this importance.

Every department whether it be sales, operations, financing, engineering or customer support, must constantly improve and adapt to the ever changing world, for a business to stay competitive and grow in the market place.

One of the strongest tools a business can implement to accomplish a reduction of costs, improved efficiency and increased revenue is by establishing an “Employee Creativity & Suggestion Program".

Did you know that establishing an employee suggestion & creativity program is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to create a tremendous amount of ideas that can powerfully impact your business. It is one of the lowest costs and highest returns you can do for your business.

A properly implemented employee suggestion and creativity program could produce millions in cost savings and or generate millions more in sales, providing it has numerous entities and elements in place that takes advantage of basic human nature and the psychological manner in which creativity flourishes. 

There are "creativity laws" that have to be adhered to, based on human behavior, to assure a suggestion program can succeed. These "laws" allow anyone to tap into their creativity in the most natural manner in both the conscience and sub-conscience mind. 

Why Establish a Creativity Program!

One of the greatest investments a company has is its employees. You spend time and money recruiting, hiring, and training them to fulfill a requirement within your organization. Of course your objectives are to have them complete a job that provides a beneficial return, hope they get along with their fellow coworkers and become strong team players.

Do you know your employees want to feel that they are important to you and your company and making suggestions is their greatest feeling of accomplishment because they can contribute to the betterment of your organization.

Food for Thought

Your employees work for you eight hours per day, five days per week. What do you think they are doing the remainder sixteen hours per day and their two days off?  Are you aware that this time can be crucial to the success of suggestions to your business?  Its potential is so valuable that words cannot explain it enough!

Oh, by the way, employees will be happy to contribute to the success of your business during their off time, only if you have the proper program in place and lay the ground work, during their work hours.

What if the potential of this program is guaranteed a return of 10 to 1000 times its overall costs?

Let me ask you, what is one idea worth to your business?  

The answer depends on the value of the idea, right?  Okay, now, what if an idea saved you one million dollars in overhead costs? Or, what if an idea generated an additional 2 to 20 million dollars in revenue?  What if you had a couple of ideas of this value? What would the ideas be worth to your business now?

The answer to an ideas' worth would also have to be "what would it cost to get those types of results" - right?

What if the answer to that is a fraction of any savings or revenue generated?  Guaranteed!

Last Thought

Did you know an employee creativity program and an employee suggestion program are two different programs entirely?

One develops the creativity of the individual employee and the other focuses that creative development on your business.

Both are needed to have a successful Corporate Creativity / Suggestion Program!

Other Reasons:

How Your Business Benefits:

1. Increase Business
2. Reduce Costs
3. Solve Problems/Concerns/Issues
4. Reach Goals
5. Increase Revenue
6. Surpass Competition
7. Improved Safety
8. You Define - It Adapts
9. 10 to 1000 Percent Return

Additional Intangible and Intrinsic Benefits Include:

1. Patents
2. Trademarks
3. Improved Morale
4. Increased Productivity
5. Less Employee Turn-Around



Why not set up a successful employee suggestion and creativity program that fully benefits your company?

What is included:

1. Creativity Presentation.
2. Teach being creative.
3. Focus creativity to achieve your goals.
4. Set up Program/Triggers.
5. Set up processes.
6. Part of non-biased Review Committee.
7. Set Up and Train Review Committee.
8. No time limits. Customizable to your needs.

Contact me for more information:

Tom Rauscher
tom @ inventorsplace. com
760 - 445 - 3550


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