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Would You Like An Idea That
Generates Millions In Revenue?

How About An Idea
To Save Thousands In Costs?

Established An Employee Suggestion Program that Includes Creativity

Is Your Suggestion Program Stale?

Establish An Employee Suggestion Program that Includes Creativity!

Ideas are the lifeblood of a business and essential to meet, or more importantly, beat the competition. Successful businesses must continually find ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase revenue. 

Steven Jobs of Apple was well aware of this importance.

Google is a prime example of a company that incorporates employees ideas like no other company.

Why Establish a Creativity Program!

One of the greatest investments a company has is its employees. You spend time and money recruiting, hiring, and training them to fulfill a requirement within your organization. Of course your objectives are to have them complete a job that provides a beneficial return, hope they get along with their fellow coworkers and become strong team players.

Are You Aware - Employees Have Ideas?

Employees bring skills, life experiences and education beyond their day-to-day tasks and are able to take their uniqueness and observe things that could better their organization and or the company.

However, no one will just make a suggestion to a company because most employees think its not their job, feel the company does not want to hear about their idea and or, have no idea where to go in a company to even suggest an idea.

If you do not have a suggestion program in place you basically telling your employees that you are not even open to their suggested ideas? You are confirming what the employees think and feel.

As an employer, one of your greatest assets are your employees. Why not tap into everything they bring to the table and focus it to better your company - beyond your wildest imagination!.

Employees want to feel that they are important to you and your company. Making suggestions is one manner for them to express their desire that they are contributing to the betterment of your organization.

Food for Thought

Every department whether it be sales, operations, financing, engineering or customer support, must constantly improve and adapt to the ever changing world, for a business to stay competitive and grow.

Your employees work for you eight hours per day, five days per week. What do you think they are doing the remainder sixteen hours per day and their two days off?  This time is extremely valuable to the potential and success of your program.

By-the-way, employees will be happy to contribute to the success of your business during their off time, only if you lay the proper foundation and maintain a strong commitment to a suggestion program.

If your employees cannot suggest ideas to you, they may suggest them elsewhere or, go off and start a business of their own with the idea.

A properly implemented Employee Creativity / Suggestion Program could produce millions in cost savings and or generate millions more in sales, provided the program has the right entities and elements (processes) in place that takes advantage of basic human nature and the psychological manner in which creativity flourishes. 

What if the potential of this program is guaranteed
a return of 10 to 1,000 times its overall costs?

Let me ask you, what is one idea worth to your business?  

The answer depends on the value of the idea, right?  Okay, now, what if an idea saved you one million dollars in overhead costs? Or, what if an idea generated an additional 2 to 20 million dollars in revenue?  What if you had a couple of ideas of this value? What would the ideas be worth to your business now?

The answer to an ideas' worth would also have to be "what would it cost to get those types of results" - right?

What if the answer is a fraction of any savings or revenue generated?  Guaranteed!

Prove Me Wrong - Guarantee!

I guarantee a proper creativity and suggestion program works (you will receive idea suggestions) and dare you to prove me wrong.

All I ask is you conduct a very small test in your organization.

The test only requires you to purchase a poster (or two) and some Got An Idea magnets (triggers).

You must then hang the poster (or two) and place the magnets around the office area where your employees can notice them and include a contact name, email and or phone with the items so employees know who or where to contact to make the suggestion (s).

The included Pocket Journal for Creative Ideas, Thoughts, Notes, Drawings and Inspirations is for you to write down the ideas that will forth come.

My guarantee is that if you do not receive any suggestions from the use of these test materials, I will refund every penny, plus 10 percent!

FREE SHIPPING - I will even pay for the shipping and handling of the test materials.


Dare & Prove
Test Materials A - $19.99

Includes: 1 - Poster, 1 - Pocket Journal and 4 - Magnets

Inventors Place let your creativity blossom poster Inventors Place Pocket Journal for Creative ideas, thoughts notes drawings and inspirations  Inventors Place got and idea? magnet

Dare & Prove
Test Materials B - $19.99

Includes: 1 - Poster, 1 - Pocket Journal and
4 - Magnets

Inventors Place All the world Poster Inventors Place Pocket Journal for Creative ideas, thoughts notes drawings and inspirations  Inventors Place got and idea? magnet


Dare & Prove
Test Materials C - $29.99

Includes: 2 - Posters, 1 - Pocket Journal and
6 - Magnets

Inventors Place let your creativity blossom poster   Inventors Place All The World Poster Inventors Place Pocket Journal for Creative ideas, thoughts notes drawings and inspirations  Inventors Place got and idea? magnet  




The benefits of the program will be numerous in both tangible and intangible returns that you will receive. These benefits include:


How Your Business Benefits:

1. Increase Business
2. Reduce Costs
3. Solve Problems, Concerns &     Issues
4. Reach Goals
5. Increase Revenue
6. Surpass Competition
7. Improved Safety
8. You Define - It Adapts
9. 10 to 1000 Percent Return

Additional Intangible and Intrinsic Benefits Include:

1. Patents
2. Trademarks
3. Improved Morale
4. Increased Productivity
5. Less Employee Turn-Around
6. Less employee absenteeism.



Last Thoughts

Did you know an Employee Creativity Program and an Employee Suggestion Program are two different programs entirely? One provides a pathway to submit suggestions and the second develops or improves an individual's ability to be more creativity and then focus their skill toward the benefit of an organization.

Both are needed to have a highly successful Corporate Creativity / Suggestion Program! It is one of the strongest tools a business can implement that has one of the lowest costs and highest returns.


Implement a Proper Suggestion / Creativity Program - Yourself...

Now available is a step-by-step manual that provides everything you need to implement a proper Employee Creativity / Suggestion Program yourself.

This program comes with detailed information, guidelines and tools to easily develop and maintain a program that taps into and focuses every employee's creativity on the company.

The manual explains how to lay a strong foundation, establish measurements, implement processes and suggestions to keep the program fresh in the minds of every employee.

The manual provides key information on how to adhere to "creativity laws" based on basic human behavior, that naturally get employees to be creative consciously and sub-consciously.

Implementing a proper program takes a small bit of time to establish, requires strong management support and must be maintained to keep from getting stale.

This manual is a complete step-by-step guideline to build a strong program. It leaves no stone unturned in providing everything needed for setting goals focused on your business. It will outline proven methods demonstrating to your strong commitment to the employees and the success of the program.

This Employee Creativity / Suggestion Program Manual is all the information and processes needed to establish and maintain a proper Employee Creativity / Suggestion Program that will provide ideas - beyond your wildest imagination!

What is Included

Step-by-Step Creativity/Suggestion Guide to:

50 Employees

1. Focus Goals.
2. Set Measurements
2. The importance of "Triggers".
3. Processes.
4. Non-biased Review Committee requirements.
5. Review Committee requirements.
6. Customizable to your needs.
7. The Value of Rewards
8. Management support
9. Team Creativity Groups
10. Other Departments      
11. Reporting Process
12. One year license of "Got An Idea?® ".
13. 50 Pocket Journals
14. 50 Got an Idea?® magnets
15.Five (5) All The World Is A Product posters.
16. Five (5) Let Your Creativity Blossom posters.

17. And Much More!


100 Employees:
Same as above numbers except::

13. 100 Pocket Journals
14. 100 Got An Idea?® magnets
15. Ten (10) All The World Is A Product posters.
16. Ten(10) Let Your Creativity Blossom posters.



The book that teaches (improves) creativity titled:
All The World Is A Product: Be Creative and Come Up With Ideas.

Up to 50 Employees



Up To 100 Employees



More Than 100 Employees?

Contact Tom @ inventors place .com




Want to Launch The Program Quickly?

Have Inventors' Place Oversee Its Implemntation!

The following is included:

1. All of the above "What is Included".
2. Part of non-biased review committee (1 year).
3. Assist in Ceremonial Launch.

3. Creativity Lessons

Please contact Tom to learn more.

Tom Rauscher
tom @ inventorsplace. com
760 - 445 - 3550



Got an Idea?®

Got an Idea? is a registered trademark of Inventors' Place and can only be used with written consent. Contact us for more information.


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