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IP Boat

Add A Sleek Look To Rope Lines
Featuring E-Z-TY™

No Knots. No Splicing. Easy To Use!

Complete boat Line Kit

$134.99 to $229.99 per kit

3/8, 1/2, 5/8 & 3/4 inch rope diameter sizes

The Total Boat Rope Clamp Kit is the best and easiest way to add a sleek look to rope and make your dock, anchor and fenders lines uniform and pristine.

Made from space-age, high composite plastic material that is UV protected. The material will not mar or scratch a boat's finish.

The finishing touch to having a "cool" looking boat!

Watch You Tube video on E-Z-TY Reusable Rope Clamps.

Check out the You tube video of the Fender and Anchor Kits and Ladders.

Check out the 3rd You Tube video on cleats.

Many of us never bother to think about our boat lines, other than making sure to have them readily available. C' mon, we all know the sound system, the boat's color and how much food and "beverage" we bring is more important then rope.

But do you know your guests, girl friend(s) or wife definitely notice the lines and how in disarray they may be? Why, because it is usually your quests, girlfriend(s) or wife that work the fenders and dock lines while you steer the boat.

It's Time To Clean Up Your Boat's Rope Lines!

Guilt trip aside, why not add to your boat's overall "coolness" and make your boat lines, fenders and anchors stylish, easier to use and fun for you and for those who really use them?

Making your lines uniform is the "final touch" that demonstrates the level of care you put into one of your most treasured and enjoyable sport.

The Total Boat Rope Clamp Kit incorporates the E-Z-TY™ "reusable" rope clamps, fender kits, anchor kit, rope ends and a rope belt tool.

The reason for being reusable is because if you ever want to change the rope color, or your ropes wear out, you can easily and simply place these clamps and products on the new ropes. A Phillips screw driver is all that is needed. Instructions are included in the kit.

All made In the USA.

Here Is What Is Included In The Total Boat Rope Clamp Kit.

Rope Clamps. The E-Z-TY Rope Clamps eliminate splicing and having knots in your ropes. They provide the strength and a nice clean look to all your lines. Made from space-age, high composite plastic material that is UV protected, they will not scratch or mar your boat's finish.

4 Reusable Clamps Included (black)

Four black E-Z-TY plastic rope clamps are included in the kit. Great for the Dock Lines.

Anchor Kit. The Anchor Kit improves how the rope line is securely tied to the anchor. No more ugly knots or splicing. Never will the rope slip off the anchor!

The Anchor Kit will provide a nice clean look while adding strength to secure the line to the anchor. Rope sold separately. Click Here to Buy Anchor Kit Seprately

. anchor kit
1 Anchor Kit Included

Slide-Lok Fender Kit. These patented clamps are what make our fenders so simple, quick and easy to use. With these fender kits, adjusting the fender height will only take a second. They literally are a "snap" to use. Click here to buy Fender Kits Seperately

fender kit
4 Fender Kits Included

There are four Slide-Lok Fender Kits included in The Total Boat Rope Clamp Kit (two for each side of the boat).

Each Fender Kit includes clamps and or stop, a rope end, the patented slide lok clamp and 5 feet of nylon rope in your rope color choice of blue, white or black.

Fender NOT Included.

See below for the option of purchasing Fenders and having the Fender Kits completely assembled.

slide lok clamp
4 Slide Lok Clamps Included

Additional Fender Kits are also sold separately for those larger boats or yachts that require more fenders.

Rope Ends. They are perfect for those never ending problem with ugly rope ends. No more fraying! The Rope Ends add a nice clean finish to all your ropes or lines. Five Rope Ends are included in the kit to be used on the 4 dock lines and one on the Anchor Kit.

rope end
5 Rope Ends Included
(4 for Dock Lines and 1 for the Anchor Kit)

Rope Belt. The Rope Belt is a fantastic tool to easily and quickly tie down something.

rope belt
1 Rope Belt Included

The Rope Belt can be used if an unfortunate emergency occurs or to just tie down that cooler when the water gets a bit rough.

I guarantee, you will discover hundreds of uses for this Rope Belt beside on your boat. Its functionality and simplicity will amaze you!

For instance, it is a great tool to tie down the trunk of the car when hauling something home. It can be used to hang something in the garage or shed. If you are working around the house, wear it - it's a belt. You will likely find it to be a most helpful (3rd) hand.

The Rope Belt comes fully assembled and includes 1 cleat, 1 clamp and 4 feet of rope.

The components of the Rope Belt are reusable. This allows you to reuse the components in case the rope breaks or if you want to replace it with a different color or longer rope. A Phillips screw driver is all that is needed.


IP Boat

The Total Boat Rope Clamp Kit is available in 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 & 3/4 inch rope diameter sizes and include:

4 - Slide-Lok Fender Kits - with Clamps or Stops
1 - Anchor Kit
4 - Reusable Rope Clamps - (4 dock lines)
5 - Rope Ends (4 for Dock Lines, 1 for Anchor Kit)
1 - Rope Belt - (large)

Check out the Utube video of the fender and anchor kits and ladders.

The kits are available in 4 sizes to meet the needs of various boat sizes. As a rule of thumb, the size kit needed should be based on the below guidelines. However, choose the size you feel would be best.

Boat Size
Kit Size
Up to 21 Foot
3/8 Inch
21 to 28 Foot
1/2 Inch
28 to 38 Foot
5/8 Inch
38 to 60 Foot
3/4 Inch

Total Boat Rope Clamp Kit

Please contact us with any questions.

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Available Rope Colors
color bar

3/8 Inch
w/ Clamp
Fender Kit Rope Color


1/2 Inch
w/ Clamp
Fender Kit Rope Color
1/2 Inch
w/ Stop
Fender Kit Rope Color


5/8 Inch
w/ Clamp
Fender Kit Rope Color
5/8 Inch
w/ Stop
Fender Kit Rope Color


The 3/4 inch Kit will have 5/8 Fender Kits.
The clamps, rope ends and anchor kit will be 3/4 inch sizes.

3/4 Inch
w/ Clamp
Fender Kit Rope Color
3/4 Inch
w/ Stop
Fender Kit Rope Color


Optional Assembly & Rope

The Total Boat Rope Clamp Kit includes polypropylene type only for the Fender Kits in blue, black or white colors.

Now available are the options of purchasing Rope and Fenders and having the Dock Lines, Anchor Kit and the 4 Fenders Kits completely assembled at the factory.

These options allow you finalize the look by providing a complete uniform look throughout your boat and then having everything delivered assembled and ready to just place on your boat.

Keep in mind. The Rope Clamps, Anchor Kit, Fender Kit and Rope Ends are simple to assemble. A Phillips screw driver is all that is needed. Instructions are included in the kit.




ezty rope clamps

Sizes: 3/16, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 & 3/4 inch

$3.55 to $8.99 ea.

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Available Colors
:Inventors Place rope clamp colors

USA flag
Made in the USA

Regular Clamps


Double OT Clamps



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