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Unique toys for hours of fun and enjoyment for the whole family.






Inventors Place swing
Single Swing with Gunstock Stain


USA flag
Made in the USA


Everyone loves to swing. As a child it is one of our most fond memories. As an adult, we just enjoy the swaying back and forth motion. Swings will always be fun at any age.

The EZ-Swing is made from 2 inch thick wood for sturdiness, 1/2" nylon rope camouflage in color and incorporates space age designed rope clamps for strength and adjustability. The clamps are what make the swing adjustable to fit any size area and eliminates the need for tying of knots or splicing of the rope.

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single swing
Single Swing


Choice of Stain
dual swing
Dual Swing


Choice of Stain


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All American Ring Toss

Inventors Place American Ring Toss game


Indoors - or - Outdoors!

Great in Pools Too (it floats)

Made in the USA

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Inventorts Place body angel

Video Included


Body Angel


3 Products in 1 !!!

Exerciser - Massager - Walking Aide

Ideal for everyone - Especially Seniors.

No Metal Parts

Made in the USA

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Video Included


Super Bubbles

Super bubbles toy

$9.97 ea.

Makes Monster sized Bubble Cluster


Made in the USA

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$9.97 ea.



Design-a-Bubble Rings

Inventors Place design a bubble toy

$7.97 ea.



Made in the USA

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$7.97 ea.


Arm Master Exerciser

Arm Master Toy

$29.95 ea.
video included


Tones & Develops!

Arms - Biceps & Triceps


Made in the USA

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$29.95 ea.
video included


Aerobic twist toy

$27.95 ea.
video included


Aerobic Twist, Belly Blaster

Full Body Exerciser

Targets Belly Fat!

Twist the pounds and inches off
while having fun!

Physician Tested.

10 Toning Exercises!

Made in the USA


Click Here to See You Tube

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$27.95 ea.
video included


Hand Ball Game

Inventors Place Hand Ball toy

$4.97 ea.


Help Build Hand & Eye Coordination

While Having Fun

Great for Coordination!

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$4.97 ea.





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