Dedicated to developing and marketingof new invention ideas

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Inventors' Place® is dedicated to developing and marketing of new invention ideas and wholesale and retail of unique products for use, for fun and for you.

We also Inspire Creativity.

Got an Idea?®

Please take a look at our store to see the many awesome products. Something for almost everyone! And be sure to stop by periodically, more items are forthcoming.

Market Consumer Products

Do you have a new invention idea or consumer product that you want to be marketed to retail establishments?

We have numerous contacts in various regional and national industries and may be able to get your idea on the shelves of stores. It would be our pleasure to market your idea and let you continue focusing on the development of your next great invention(s).Please contact us for more information.

If you are a retail business and looking to sell unique products for use and for fun, let us know. We have a program called "Got An idea?®" which is a display placed in your store that holds new and exciting products for sale, many related specific to your industry.

The "Got An Idea?®" display will attract customers to see what is new and exciting on the market. Many of the items are from individual inventors so many of the sales will go to the little guy, the individual inventor who took the time to make a dream come true and develop an invention that most likely solves a problem.

If you are a retail store and see one or two items that you would like to place on your shelves, please contact us to get wholesale pricing and minimum order quantity information.




For those of you who "Got an Idea" and would like the excitement of developing your invention yourself, we have designed a workbook that will take your through the inventing process called The Idea Logbook. It is a do-it-yourself workbook that walks your through the stages develop and market an invention.


The Workbook
That Gets (Your) Invention
Developed and To Market!


$59.95 ea.


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The Idea Logbook explains how to develop and market an invention or new product idea from its very concept. It provides the tools needed to assure the direction of an idea is properly thought through and an understanding of various steps required to develop a product including the patent process, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing and financial options.

The Idea Logbook is a workbook to walk an invention or new product idea through the many exciting inventing steps so it can get developed and to market. It provides encouragement and guidance on where to go and what to do.  

I can assure you what this workbook will teach you, you will more than make up for its cost of $ 59.95.

Click here for a list of the table of contents (process) as one sure proof of its ability to get your invention or new product developed.

Developing an invention is exciting and fun - if you provide yourself the right knowledge and direction to make it so. The greatest challenge to inventors is coming up with the funds to develop it. There are many steps that require an outlay of money. Don't let not having money stop you from moving forward with your invention. Click here for a couple methods to help you raise financing for your invention idea.

If you do not know much about the exciting world of product development, The Idea Logbook will save you time and money because it will quickly teach you the ins and outs of the various steps involved in getting an idea developed and to market. It will help you mineralize mistakes thus saving your time and money.


$59.95 ea.


Pocket journal
Actual Size
3.75 X 5.75 Inches


With every purchase of The Idea Logbook, (while supplies last) you will receive TWO (2) copies of the Pocket Journal titled "The Pocket Journal for Creative Ideas, Thoughts, Notes, Drawings and Inspirations". It is an economical system for remembering everything, including your creativity!

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Inspire Creativity


All The World Is A Product

Inspire Creativity

If you want to develop or improve your creativity, you have to get the book titled "All The World Is A Product: Be Creative and Come Up with Ideas!

It will take you through a creative journey that focuses around You.

Click here for more information and to buy the book that will inspire you beyond your wildest imagination.

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Inventors' Place is dedicated to developing and marketing of new invention ideas and wholesale and retail of unique products for use, for fun and for you.

We also Inspire Creativity.

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