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Inventors Place The Idea Logbook

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Get the book that will walk you through the inventing stages, especially information on the "all important" patent and trademark process.

The Idea Logbook will save you time and money by quickly teaching you the ins and outs of getting invention ideas developed and marketed ,while focusing your direction and "minimizing" costly mistakes.

Developing an invention is an exciting process or journey. There are many challenging stages to this journey as your idea evolves to a finished, fully functional product. Get The Idea Logbook and to make the journey easier!

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Subscribe to receive " Inventing Tips & Suggestions for a wealth of vital inventing information that will assist in process of getting your new invention idea developed and to market.

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Inventors Place All The World Is A Product Be Creative and Come Up with Ideas book

Creativity is the most powerful skill (fun) you could learn (develop) that will allow you to improve who you are, the quality of your character, your feeling of self-worth and definitely your overall confidence.

The book titled "All The World Is A Product: Be Creative and Come Up with Ideas" will unlock the door to (or improve) your creativity - Beyond Your Wildest Imagination?

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Would Your Business Like an Idea
That Generates Millions In Revenue?

How About An Idea To Save Thousands in Costs?

One of the strongest tools a business can implement is establishing a proper "Employee Creativity & Suggestion Program". It is the quickest and most inexpensive way to create a tremendous amount of ideas that can powerfully impact a business.

A business invests a great deal in its employees. Sufficient time and money is spent recruiting, hiring, and training them to fulfill a requirement. Each employee brings with them a background, education and life experiences that can be the key to a new idea.

Employees have ideas! - Why Not Let Them Help Your Business - Beyond Your Wildest Imagination?

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Got An Idea?®


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"First to Invent"

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Inventors Place Products

Inventors' Place
markets unique products designed and developed by individual inventors. Ideas most likely thought out and initially designed on a napkin and developed through tenacity and sweat equity, despite any and all challenges.

Our product line continues to grow. If you can't find something now, stop back again soon, you just might find that next exciting something - or that perfect gift.

Some products may have limited production runs, so if you see something you like, do not hesitate to buy, inventory could go quickly.

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Subscribe to receive suggestions and tips about down-to-earth ways that you can easily do, to be better "green" for the planet and future generation.

"Be Better Green"

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Goodbye Detergents

Inventors Place Laundry Ball

The Laundry Ball replaces detergents and fabric softeners with environmental friendly materials.

A Healthier Approach to Clean Clothes

100% Hypoallergenic

No More Chemicals!

$45.00 ea.

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All The World Is A Product: Be Creative and Come Up with Ideas




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